Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 7 - Fly, Itassher, Break Past The Limits! - Review / Thoughts

While Akibaranger episode 7 was good, I must admit to having kind of mixed feelings. After last week's shocking reveal, I was looking forward to seeing what Malshina and her lackeys were going to be up to and how it would affect the real world.

While it did look promising for a while with her tricking the Akibarangers in to entering a delusion and then kidnapping Hakase, the end result was pretty disappointing, as was the villain of the week.

I mean, it was still enjoyable. Akagi alone would make this show watchable if I am honest, he is so damn funny and likeable that you can't help but enjoy watching him. I guess one thing that made it seem worse to me was that this week was also Yumeria's worst of the series, her particular role this week being my least favourite.

But it was still pretty cool seeing Malshina in the real world, and if this has been done to set up future episodes, then I have no problem with it. This episode was all pretty much about establishing Malshina's presence in the real world, while also explaining how she was created in the first place. Of course it was also nice since this has put the Akibarangers one step closer to achieving their goal of becoming an official Sentai team.

For what this episode was and for what it set out to do, it was perfectly fine and did a pretty good job. For me personally, I certainly enjoyed it to some extent, but with the lack of humour in this episode and not so much as a glimpse of a guest appearance from any of the previous Sentai members, I guess it just didn't live up to the hype I had built up in my mind (you could almost say it was my own delusion....ok, I will get my coat)

But yes, a decent enough episode that I am sure plenty of people will have enjoyed as much as the others, though I am hoping now things have been established we can see something special next time.

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