Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 6 - Take Flight Leader! The Painful Trap of Deluded Photography - Review / Thoughts

After the rather depressing tone at the end of the last episode, I was unsure what to expect from Akibaranger episode 6. This time it moved away from sadness though, although it certainly did get very interesting at the end.

Before I go in to that though, I have to give a mention to the appearance of Red Hawk from Jetman. Admittedly I haven't watched Jetman (yet anyway), but I do love the theme and the designs etc so was really glad to see him make an appeance. He came in near the end and gave Akagi the power to fly so that he could chase after and destroy this week's villain, who just happened to be flying away himself.

It just seemed really cool and awesome seeing Akagi soaring through the sky to destroy the monster, all the while the Jetman theme playing in the background.

On to the interesting point from the end, it seems like Malshina is now able to leave the world of delusions, and can now appear in reality as well. This is a really interesting development, as now it's not just the 3 making themselves look silly by entering in to these delusions, but instead could perhaps actually have to save the real world.

Obviously more will be explained in the next episode, but I thought that it was one heck of an ending, and has certainly got me excited for the next episode!

On a different note, it was pretty funny seeing Akagi getting all excited while visiting the studios where the Sentai series are filmed. As usual he was being a huge fanboy and getting really worked up even over just pieces of scenery that were used in a couple of the series. I really liked Yumeria in this episode too, I like the way she changes outfit and character each week as it's a good way to keep her fresh without becoming annoying.

Speaking of which, I am sure a lot of fans were annoyed by Akagi rushing in at the start and spoiling the Yuri scene which Yumeria was having filmed to give her inspiration haha.

But yes, this was another fine episode for Akibaranger, and the ending has certainly left me wanting more. I can't wait to see just what happens next!

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