Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 4 - A Forbidden Delusion Brings With It The Pain of Blue Corruption - Review / Thoughts

I might as well come right out and say it - Episode 4 of Akibaranger was brilliant and probably the best yet. It was really funny as always, plus it featured a lot of cosplaying, what more could a man ask for?

Really though, this was some great stuff. Since Aoyagi was going away somewhere for training (that was outside of Akihabara), she made it clear that in her absence she didn't want Akagi or Moegi having any delusions. When they tried to argue, she soon intimidated them in to agreeing.

Then both Moegi and Akagi spend their time trying to control their delusions. Whenever there is the slightest hint of suspicion or trouble, Akagi nearly deludes himself in to thinking that he is needed, but just manages to stop himself from having the full-on delusion that would involve him changing in to Akibared.

Meanwhile, poor Moegi decides that to take her mind off of having the delusions, she will spend the next couple of days giving in to her dirtier side (for lack of a better term). She enters a book store for a signing and waits in the queue. She has a Yaoi book with her, as does everyone else in the store, but she eventually has to run out of the store empty handed when she begins letting her fantasies / delusions take over.

She later also bumps in to a pervert in an alley, and for a moment thinks about possibly changing in to Akibayellow to fight him off. Then though she realises that she can't treat him as one of the Akibaranger enemies, and so just manages to run away. She bumps in to Akagi not long after, and they decide to spend some time together since they guess that keeping their delusions under control will be easier when they are not by themselves.

Then we get to see Akagi go cosplay shopping with Moegi, with her asking him his opinions on the various outfits she was trying on. It doesn't take long though before Akagi starts fantasising about Moegi wearing a lot of different cosplay outfits, including some really revealing ones. And of course, as you can see above, also some of the villains from the older Sentai series.

The whole thing is just really funny to be honest, and of course Moegi does look very nice in some of the cosplay she is wearing. There is still a bit more that happened (including the weekly monster fight), but I will leave that out for you to see for yourself if you decide to watch the episode.

It's hilarious watching poor Moegi and Akagi trying to stop themselves from going in to delusions, with Akagi even commenting on how unfair it was trying to stop an Otaku from being deluded. Akagi and Moegi were of course the two mainly featured characters in this episode, and they worked brilliantly together.

It also helps that they are my two favourite Akibarangers anyway, but I would be genuinely surprised if anyone didn't enjoy this regardless of who their favourite(s) is / are. This is probably my favourite episode so far, it was really funny and the cosplay segment was more than welcome in my book. If you like great shows, then Akibaranger is definitely a must watch.

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