Friday, 11 May 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 5 - Our Pain ☆ Yellow Mama - Review / Thoughts

Although this wasn't as good as the previous episode (which would have been hard to live up to in all honesty), Akibaranger continues to be thoroughly enjoyable and also hilarious here in episode 5.

Though what started out as something funny and what appeared to be a comedic episode, by the end the tone had changed considerably, and to be honest I felt really bad for Yumeria. I am not going to go too much in to it because it would ruin the episode for anyone who is yet to watch it, but just be aware that it does shift a fair bit at the end.

Moving along, for the most part the episode was really funny. Akagi actually gets to go in to a girl's bedroom (Yumeria's), after she had announced that her mother would be coming over, and Akagi and Mitsuki go to her apartment to get things cleaned up. Akagi makes a big deal out of it and again says it's a pattern from the other Sentai series, with the mother coming to visit and trying to get their daughter to stop risking their lives and instead get married to someone. The two standout moments of the bedroom part being Akagi getting upset thinking about how his mother threw away his old Sentai toys without regard, and how only the day before she threw away a Dakimakura similar to the one he is hugging in the picture above.

Of course Yumeria's bedroom is full of Otaku stuff, and the other really funny part came when Akagi opening the door of a cupboard to hide things in, only to come face to face with Yumeria's Yaoi collection!

When Yumeria's mother does show up, Akagi's fears about her thoughts on the weird ways of Yumeria were soon put at ease when she shows up at the apartment in the same cosplay as Yumeria herself is wearing. We find out that in the past she was a famous cosplayer, and that Yumeria actually got a lot of her interests etc from being around her mother.

The villain of the week is the same one who was essentially trying to, erm, rape Akagi earlier in the series. Initially it's only Akagi and Mitsuki fighting him since Yumeria was celebrating her birthday with her mother somewhere else, but eventually she joins the battle too, though is quickly beaten pretty badly. As luck would have it though, her mother appears in the delusion, and borrowing the Moe morpher, becomes Akibayellow herself and actually does really well at fighting. At the end, she gives it back to Yumeria so she can finish things off, which of course she does.

As I said earlier, I won't go any further or else it would spoil the ending of the episode, but it was pretty sad. Actually, I guess bittersweet is a perfect term here for it.

The earlier parts of the episode did what Akibaranger does best, and that's present the crazy and silly Otaku ways of Akagi and the Akibarangers in a hilarious manner, and it really never does fail to make me laugh. Akagi himself is simply hilarious, and Yumeria is also funny, while at the same time very cute too.

There is a lot to like about Akibaranger, and this episode is certainly no exception. I am now curious as to what the next episode will hold, as admittedly the ending kind of surprised me since until that point pretty much everything in the series had / has been played for laughs. Overall another great episode though, and I highly recommend checking this series out if you haven't already.

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