Friday, 8 June 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 9 - The Pain Sentai, Disbanded - Review / Thoughts

Apologies for the late review of Akibaranger episode 9, I wanted to have this up a couple of days back but unfortunately couldn't due to time restraints. In any case, I am happy to say that this episode was very good, and seems to have regained the quality that has been missing in recent times.

Although the latter half of this episode was played seriously, at least to begin with it was a bit more lighthearted as after the Akibarangers had their Moe Moe Z-Cunes taken away, they briefly returned to being just regular people. There were certainly a couple of amusing moments during this time, and Akagi dressing up to try and look like Akibared was funny and awesome at the same time.

The second half got more serious, and to be perfectly honest, more epic. Despite my comments of late saying that the non serious parts were always the best, this episode has made me think again. It was seriously such an awesome moment when Akagi saw Sayaka in trouble, and then through sheer willpower (or should that be delusional power?) forced himself to transform in the real world to save her, despite it supposedly not being possible.

We also finally found out the true identity of the guy hanging around with Malshina, although I am sure 95% of people already knew who he would be anyway. It's certainly going to be very interesting in these last few episodes to see how things turn out now that things are no longer stuck only in the Grand Delusion, but instead have an impact on the real world.

This episode was really good though, it had the right mix between humour and seriousness, and the transforming scene I spoke of was just pure epicness, it could seriously have come straight out of one of the official Sentai series, and made Akagi come across as a true hero for the first time.

Pretty much all my complaints about the recent few episodes were addressed here, and as such I went back to really enjoying this one. I am really going to miss the series when it ends in all honesty, it is frequently very good and so fun to watch, I can't believe it's nearly over now!

However, with that said, Akibaranger has had a mostly great run, and hopefully judging by this episode the series will go out with a bang. And, who knows, maybe they will even become official by the end!

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