Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 12 - Most Painful Times: Goodbye Delusion Sentai - Review / Thoughts

So here it is, the very last proper episode of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. Unfortunately after only 12 episodes the series has come to an end, but thankfully, at least the series has gone out with a bang.

 I'll be honest, this was actually the third time I have seen this episode. I watched it raw in a stream, then I watched it raw again a few days later (from Over-Time), and now the third time of course with subtitles. It was a pretty awesome episode, though I don't think watching it 3 different times in under a week is necessary!

But yeah, luckily Akibaranger has gone out with a bang. The episode is spent with the Akibarangers trying to avoid triggering the ending flag, but without a lot of luck. Their ideas were funny, and seeing Akagi especially trying to resist falling in to one of them along the way was hilarious. He would have probably given in when the Itasha transformed in to a giant robot (apparently the same size as official Sentai mecha), only for Yumeria and Mitsuki to hold him back and remind him that winning the battle with it could spell the end for them.

It was also pretty funny seeing Yumeria tell Kozkoz that she loved her (in an effort to try and create plot twists that couldn't be resolved quickly, so the show could continue), and then Kozkoz confesses her love for Yumeria and pulls her in for a hug.

The ideas they come up with are pretty hilarious as I said, and the trend of the characters all being self aware continued of course. Unfortunately, at the end they were taken by surprise at the show's creator appearing and covering the screen with his hand (while they were busy trying to destroy the characters which said the show was over, actually working along with Malshina to do so).

I do definitely think there is hope for some more Akibaranger down the line, and I would certainly welcome more of it in future. There will be an episode 13, but it will just be a review/recap episode unfortunately. This episode and the series as a whole though was fantastic, as it consistently delivered in both humour and characters.

Seeing the various tropes played out and the odd adventures of 3 Otaku from Akihabara was certainly fun, and so let's hope that one day the 3 shall return in their quest to never be taken off the air!

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