Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 10 - The Painfully Unofficial Curse of 2 And a New Beginning - Review / Thoughts

I am happy to say that this week we got Akibaranger nice and early, and also good of course is the fact episode 10 was another good one for the series.

I do think it's a shame if they go through with it and replace Akagi as Akiba Red, but judging by the way the Akibarangers have been tricked before, it wouldn't surprise me if this "call from the Pentagon" ended up just being Malshina putting on a fake voice again.

As for the new Akiba Red, I thought it was a pretty awesome touch letting him be played by the twin brother of Geki Blue (of course from Gekiranger) - Shinpei Takagi. Of course they also used this as a way to get a laugh by making them initially think it was Geki Blue because of looking the same.

I can also see Malshina soon turning her back on her father. He is treating her worse and worse, and now with his new creation - Delu-Knight - things aren't looking too good for their relationship. Speaking of whom, he seems to be way out of the Akibarangers league at the moment, so barring some miracle or new power, I don't see how he is going to be defeated.

I also liked (going back to Takagi/Takuma) that he is related to Hiroyo. It was a genuine surprise and was pretty cool, plus he does seem like a pretty good addition for the last few episodes in the series.

Overall this was another good episode, albeit just a bit worse than the previous one. However, in fairness, this was more of an episode for setting things up, so even that can be forgiven. Akibaranger continues to be an enjoyable show, and even before the series ends, I would definitely recommend it whether you love Sentai or are just an Otaku who can appreciate all the nods to the tropes of the fandoms.

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