Friday, 27 April 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 3 - The Pain! Drunken Superhero Adventure! - Review / Thoughts

So as we move on to week 3 (and episode 3) of Akibaranger, it's good to see things still going along so well. As well as just being genuinely amusing, I am sure it will also be of interest to Sentai fans also for the brief cameo appearances from some of the official Sentai members of the past.

While last week's episode was also pretty awesome, after seeing this episode I will say it's the weakest of the 3 so far shown, but that really just goes to show the quality of the series so far, as I have had plenty of laughs from all 3 episodes. But yes, more about this actual episode now haha.

This episode was pretty damn crazy and odd I have to admit. The monster of the week was obsessed with trying to basically rape poor Akagi, and throughout the episode it was also all about Akagi and Moegi getting drunk on Sake so that they would be more deluded which would increase their powers for their fights.

It was pretty funny seeing them all drunk like that, and to begin with it does actually work in Akagi's favour and he even makes Boukenred appear dressed oddly for his first delusion. Later when they are in a delusion fighting the monster, where Moegi is also drunk, it apparently interferes with the delusion and that's why her fantasies were being projected in to the battle (ie; why the monster is being so dominant and of course trying to force himself on to Akagi).

Obviously the monster doesn't actually rape Akagi haha, he is luckily saved by Aoyagi a few times throughout the episode (since she was the only one of the 3 not to get drunk since she's underage). We still have no idea how or why Akagi is able to get official Sentai members to appear in his delusions, though since they are delusions it makes sense since he is obviously a big Sentai fanboy.

But yes, the episode was very funny throughout yet again. Akagi is still my favourite character, but Moegi is really good too. Whenever she uses her deep voice it's hilarious, and I really like her costume changes as well. Aoyama is ok too, she's my least favourite of the Akibarangers, but then again she is supposed to be the more serious and sensible member, so it makes sense that she isn't OTT like the other two members.

Akibaranger does a really good job of making you laugh, and I can definitely picture a fair few people who will not only like, but also will sympathise with Akagi who has big dreams but at the same time has absolutely no luck in achieving them. Akibaranger is supposed to be about the comedy aspects while also being much more risque with the material shown (hence the repeated warning for good boys and girls not to watch it), and it does a brilliant job of blending the two without ever becoming annoying or overly silly.

It's only 3 episodes in, but I have thoroughly enjoyed Akibaranger thus far, and is definitely one of the highlights of the week as far as TV shows go.

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