Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 2 - The Activation of a Bizarrely Decorated Vehicle Summons a Full Blast of Red Delusion - Review / Thoughts

As those of you who read my previous review will know, I had a lot of praise and good things to say about episode 1 of Akibaranger, and while not quite as enjoyable as that, episode 2 was still a lot of fun.

This episode focuses a lot on Akagi (aka Akibared), who, when he finds out that they are not really Sentai heroes but are really just having delusions of fighting the villains etc, decides that it's a waste of time and that he doesn't want to do it anymore.

Despite Akagi walking away, Moegi and Mizuki continue to be Akibarangers, as Mizuki thinks it's a good way of practicing her martial art skills even if it is fake, while Moegi just agrees to keep doing it because she thinks it's really fun. Later, they both take on the newest villain created to cause trouble, this time by using his powers to remove other people's clothes. Despite their best efforts however, they both take a beating from the monster, despite him triggering his flag that would usually be the sign he was about to lose.

They realise that they need Akagi back, and so the doctor decides to get someone to dress as one of his heroes - Dekared - to convince him. Akagi is moping about and is just about to throw his morpher in to a river, when all of a sudden he notices Dekared across the street from him. Akagi follows him, and eventually, after taking a drop kick from the guy to "bring him back to his senses" like Dekared actually did to his real partner in the Dekaranger series, Akagi decides that he will continue to be Akibared afterall after being inspired by the actions of a former red Sentai hero like Dekared.

We also get to see the new mecha for the Akibarangers in this episode, which is a car with some Aoi-Tan decals on it. The car looks pretty awesome, and it of course transforms in to a robot much like the official Sentai teams would. However, they don't get to use it because it runs away from them as soon as they get near the enemy as apparently "they aren't deluded enough yet". The Akibarangers end up taking on the monster anyway, but even with Akibared now involved are having a tough time of it. Luckily for them though, Dekared appears and helps them defeat the monster.

The only thing is, the person who pretended to be Dekared earlier was still in the cafe, so it wasn't him or anyone they actually knew for it to be a setup, so the doctor is naturally wondering just what on earth happened and what is real and what isn't now after seeing Dekared appear from nowhere like that.

This was another fun episode, albeit not quite as much as the first episode. Moegi (Akiba Yellow) always makes me laugh with the way she adds "nya" on to loads of words, and when the cat ears fell off and she started talking in the deep voice it was hilarious.

Akagi is definitely my favourite character at the moment though, his fanboy ways and reactions are always awesome and often hilarious, and so it's always good when he's on screen. I don't know what's going to end up happening with all the delusion stuff, as it does seem pretty silly for none of it to be real, but at the same time that's kind of what the show is aiming for, so it would definitely fit with it.

While there weren't as many laughs as the first episode, by normal standards this was pretty hilarious and it was a really fun way to spend 24 minutes or so. Judging from the next episode preview that looks like it has the potential to be really funny too, so Akibaranger overall has so far definitely delivered when it comes to the comedy aspect it's trying to get across all the time.

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