Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tamashii Nations Plans to Release Zyuranger / Power Rangers Figuarts Next Year

That's right, it appears that Tamashii Nations will be fulfilling the wishes of countless Sentai fans next year by releasing a series of S.H. Figuarts for the popular Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger series.

"Tamashii Nations met with Saban Brands during San Diego Comic Con 2012 to lay plans down to make SDCC 2013 the Year of the Power Rangers Fan! If you were wondering why S.H. Figuarts has not tackled Zyuranger yet… this is why. They want to make the release of ZyuRanger a big one next year for Mighty Morphin Power Ranger fans and are even working out the details of how to hook us up with a couple Comic Con Exclusives.

There was a distinct lack of Power Ranger, Super Sentai, and Kamen Riders on display this year at SDCC as they wanted to focus more on their new anime and video game figure releases coming down the pipe. Next year, expect the tokusatsu display to return in force as well as announcements for more S.H. Figuarts from Power Ranger seasons that the fandom knows very well. Keep an eye on Tamashii Nation’s Facebook Page for upcoming details and polls that will allow the fans to help choose which Power Ranger season might get the next S.H. Figuart treatment."

So now fans of both Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will get the chance to add some fantastic figures to their collection. Personally I can't wait for them to come out, and I get the feeling my wallet is going to hate me by the time they are all released!

So how do you feel about this news, and which Super Sentai series would you like to see recieve the Figuarts treatment?

*Credit to Henshin Justice for the info*

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